my name is bradley and I work at forever 21 (elterriblefizzy) wrote in imisschubbygway,
my name is bradley and I work at forever 21

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Smile In Your Sleep

Bwahahaha! This is perfect! I love all of it! I'm putting my info under a cut..because i ramble a little!

♥ name:The Julie

♥ age: The 17

♥ favorite mcr song:Ummmmm........Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

♥ favorite mcr album: Both?

♥ give a fact about gerard: He's a sexbeast and he rambles a lot, and talks out of the side of his mouth.

♥ your favorite chubby gerard picture: The High School Year Book's perfect

♥ one idea on how to get gerard's pudge back: Heh, Well, I'm thinking that it involves heavy drinking binges and Bert McCracken..don't ask me how that would work..but that's what i'm thinking!
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